Saturday, May 29, 2010


There they are, all my Nail Polishes :)
and here some Close-ups for you with Brands, Names and Finishes listed below (as always from left to right):

Illamasqua Untold (Glitter)
p2 It's Hot (Cream)
Make Up Store Emilia (Cream)
OPI Chop-Sticking to my Story (Cream)
MAC Neon 8 (Frost)
Make Up Store Linda (Cream)
MAC Malibu Peach (Cream)
Illamasqua Wayward (Cream)
MAC Phosphor (Frost)
OPI Who the Shrek are You (Cream)
Illamasqua Hectic (Cream)
Make Up Store Henric (Shimmer)
MAC Peppermint Patti (Cream)
Barry M Spring Green (Cream)
China Glaze Turned up Turquoise (Shimmer)
ICING by Claires Manic Monday (Cream)

Illamasqua Muse (Cream)
Illamasqua Strike (Frost)
Gosh Golden Dragon (Frost)
Wet n' Wild Caribbean Frost (Frost)
OPI Catch Me in Your Net (Frost/Glitter)
MAC Plasma Blu (Frost)
Face Stockholm 20 (Cream)
Barry M Turquoise (Cream)
Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor (Glitter)
p2 Gigantic (Cream)
China Glaze Calypso Blue (Cream)
MAC Illegal Purple (Cream)
H&M Bad Temper (Frost)
H&M Godess on Stage (Frost)
Make Up Store Lea (Frost)
Artdeco 38 (Cream)

H&M Meet me in the Dark (Cream)
Make Up Store Carmen (Cream)
MAC Lucky Number (Frost)
MAC Love & Friendship (Cream)
Illamasqua Jan (Cream)
American Apparel L'Esprit (Cream)
Gosh Wild Lilac (Cream)
Gosh Flamingo (Cream)
Illamasqua Obsess (Cream)
NARS Orgasm (Shimmer)
MAC Seasonal Peach (Cream)
Essie My Way (Juicy)
American Apparel Summer Peach (Cream)
China Glaze Tie the Knot (Juicy)
MAC Blissed Out (Cream)

Illamasqua Verbal (Cream)
H&M Espresso Me (Cream)
Illamasqua Spartan (Glitter)
H&M Gold (Frost)
H&M Bohochicomania (Cream)
p2 Rich & Royal (Cream)
H&M Latte to Go (Cream)
American Apparel California Trooper (Cream)
MAC Light Affair (Cream)
Illamasqua Harsh (Glitter)
MAC On the Prowl (Cream)
MAC $$$$$ Yes (Frost)
Essence Live Forever (Shimmer)
MAC Nightfall (Frost)
Essence Into the Night (Shimmer)
MAC Nocturnelle (Cream)

Friday, May 28, 2010

New York Shopping

And here's what i bought in NYC!

OPI Polishes fltr in Chop-sticking to my Story, Who the Shrek are You and Catch me in you Net

American Apparel Polishes fltr in L'Esprit, Summer Peach and California Trooper

Sinful Colors Polish in Pearl Harbor (Duane Reade), ICING by Claires Polish in Manic Monday and NARS Polish in Orgasm

I had to have the CG exacteyelights in Black Ruby after reading Mylah Morales used it on Rihanna for 2008 AMAs. The eyelights line is supposed to compliment your eyecolor - there is one for green eyes (black ruby), blue eyes, hazel and brown far as i can remember :)

Mario Badescu Silver Powder, Healing Cream and the Whitening Mask. and i got free Samples of Moisture Magnet SPF15, Protein Night Cream and Caviar Day Cream (not pictured)

MAC Superglass in fttb Totally Bang!, Superflash! and Sugar Overload

Japonesque Palettes

MUFE Brush Case

Curling Iron...quite a big one

And a beautiful bracelet bought at GreenFlea for only $35!

Oh and a Brush by Sonya Kashuk...maybe i'll post a photo tomorrow...

Reviews follow tomororrow!

Back from New York

New York is my favourite place EVER! :)

this first post will be just photos from our trip and the next post will be about the stuff i bought - here we go:my boyfriend and I wanted to try New Yorks best Burgers and this was the first one on our list - the Corner Bistro Burger. This buger was massive! ...and delicious :)

That's a church near our hotel in Queens.

This is me at Lombardis, we were there last year for the best pizza in town - my boyfriend loves it and i was a bit disappointed - WAY too little cheese for my taste. This time i ordered extra cheese but i'm still not sold...

Cool Graffiti

Can anybody explain this to me?!

Queens at night - near our Hotel

Classic, right? :)

So, of course White Castle Burgers are not said to be some of the best Burgers in NY but we had to try them simply because you can't get them here in Austria :)
They are tiny and with tons of onions...well, i don't really like onions but i liked the quotes on the burger cases :)

Cutest squirrel ever, right? :) This one was in Central Park (near the Apple Store)

Central Park...

Burger Joint Burger - this is without a doubt one of the best Burgers i've ever eaten!

The Shake Shack Burger - it was delicious and we ordered a Concrete ("Shacky Road") afterwards which was simply the best chocolate shake i've ever tasted!

Top of the Rock

This is my favourite fruit shake, orange-pinapple-coconut...hmmmm

and that's it, i have tons of other photos but i think it's enough :)

hope you enjoyed!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Neutral Look

This is the first time I upload a neutral look, honestly i don't do them very often, but sometimes i really love it simple!

I'm sure everybody has a few HG eyeshadows for neutral looks - so do I :)
I love

MACs Retrospeck e/s
MACs Next to Nothing e/s (LE Cult of Cherry)
MACs Vanilla e/s
those are the ones i use as a base

and for contouring the crease
MACs Hey e/s (LE Fafi)
MACs Kid e/s
MACs Soba e/s

I only have a few neutral e/s because i tend to do bold looks more often - you probably noticed :)

On this Photo i think i wore

Next to Nothing e/s as a base on the lid up to the crease
Retrospeck e/s to add sparkle on the lid
Soba e/s to contour in the crease
and white eye kohl on the inner rim of the eye to neutralize the redness

Plushlash Mascara in Black
Girl Boy Browset

MACs Well dressed p/b

MACs Pink Fish TLC (LE Hello Kitty)

Hope you like it!

NOTD - P2 Gigantic

Hope you love it as much as I do!

...and please ignore the note on my inner wrist :)

P2 Nail Polishes

So P2 is a brand which is only available in Germany and Austria - which is a shame because they're awesome!

They do have a whole cosmetic range but i didn't found it as interesting as their nail polishes :)
I bought 3 polishes yesterday and tried one of these - opaque with 2 coats and lets see about the staying power...

Their range for nails is quite big, they have various nail care products aswell - from top coat over cuticle oil to handcream. I also bought the Anti-Split Coat because the nail on my left indexfinger tends to split.

It says "Clear nail polish protects the nail tip from splintering on the edge. A flexible and waterproof layer strengthens the nail and protects the nail tip from softening in water."
IF this polishes is working i'll buy more of their care range but for now i'm testing this one for a few weeks :)

Here are the polishes and the care laquer:

Left to Right: 208 Rich & Royal, 120 It's Hot, 191 Gigantic, Anti Split Coat

The blue one is stunning, the red is just a classic red and the grey one ha a tint of purple - great colours!

The colours range from classic to dark reds, bright pinks and purples, teals and blues to neutral beiges and black or dark chocolate and i also saw a pastel yellow and a green. The textures are cream or shimmer - no glitter :(
AND the have a matte top coat! I think i will love this brand! :D

That's my first Review for this brand, i'm sure many will follow!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unusual Smokey Eye

Gosh, I used SO many colours on this one, i'm not sure if i can tell you exactly what i did :)

Basically i started do draw the shape with MAC fl in Blacktrack, blended and worked with black and purple e/s to soften the edges...this is what i remember:

Illamasqua UEC130
MAC Select Cover-Up in NW15
Illamasqua PF135
MAC Powder Blush in Pink Swoon

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
MAC e/s in Carbon
MAC e/s in Fig. 1
MAC e/s in Vanilla
MUFE e/s 92
i'm sure i used more, but you get the idea :)
MAC Plushlash Mascara in Black
Browset in Girlboy

MAC Cremesheen in Petite Indulgence (LE)